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Hello! We are specialists in online dating and we want to disseminate this information so that each user of dating websites is protected. Do you want to meet your future best wife online? Choose only the best services for this!

How mail order bride is changing society

The Internet has significantly changed our daily routine. We shop online, consult a doctor, get an education and meet people all over the world. It is much more convenient to do something when all this is in your hand, on the screen of your smartphone. So why can not we make the Internet a mass phenomenon?

In fact, this is already happening. Dating websites and apps have filled the market. But the problem is that many are still looking for one-night novels on such sites. Only a few know that now they can choose their future wife among thousands of photographs from around the world.

Slowly but surely, mail order sites are changing our minds about dating and marriage. More and more UK mail order brides, girls from other countries, and foreign men create happy couples and get married thanks to such sites. According to forecasts, by 2050, about 40% of couples will begin their acquaintance on the Internet. You can be one of the first.

Can mail order bride lead to love?

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In fact, meeting on the Internet is just a way to find a bride you are interested in. It helps to choose the most interesting, significantly expands your circle of choice, and that is why it is the best way to get to know each other. After chatting, you should chat in a video call and then meet in person. Further, your relationship does not depend on the method of dating.

If you do everything right, online dating and search for a mail order bride from the UK or other countries on the Internet will certainly lead you to the result. Some people use the site incompletely or make the wrong choice, so they mistakenly consider this method ineffective.

Add your real photos and a clear description of your personality, be friendly, and don`t talk small. Try to make a video call as soon as you realize you like your mail order girlfriend. Read information about the types of fraud, so as not to encounter one of these.

Mail order bride vs real life

One of our experts even wrote an essay on the phenomenon of mail order brides. To do this, he studied the statistics of modern dating website and the real stories of people who managed to achieve the desired. We will give some facts from his essay that will give you the opportunity to better understand how it all works and how to buy a wife online.

  • Each year, more than 5 thousand couples get married thanks to an acquaintance on the Internet.
  • Age does not affect success: 20-year-old and 50-year-old women equally often marry after online dating.
  • The average male user mail order bride website is a man after 35 with a high income.
  • The average women for marriage on such sites are a 25-year-old girl with higher education and good work.

Can I be mail order bride?

If you are a single girl and you are over 18 years old, you can become a mail order bride. This is easy enough, you just need to choose a site and create a profile. Choose only the most reliable sites so as not to run into scammers. To do this, see our recommendations and ratings of the best sites.

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Once you have created a profile, make sure that all this is properly framed. Choose your real photos without using filters and retouching to show your real face and figure. It matters because you will still meet in real life and it will be bad if you do not correspond to reality.

You should also honestly tell about yourself and not come up with wrong stories. Write the maximum information about yourself in the description to interest the man: how old are you, where do you work / study, what are your hobbies, what kind of music or films do you like, what are your life values.

Mail order bride profile pictures

This information is important for future mail order brides as well as for men. Which photos need to be added, and which are not worth it. We have compiled for you the basic rules of how people can understand certain photos that mail order brides online often add to their profiles.

  • Nudes. Some foreign brides may have messed up sites and added photos where they are naked. Such photos are usually blocked by the administration, because it does not comply with the rules. But it is also worth noting that even if you are proud of your body, you should not add your photos in underwear.
  • Photoshopped. It is unclear what online brides with terrible photoshopped photos take on their first date… Will their men recognize them? Do not try to show yourself in photos more beautiful than you really are. This is not Instagram.
  • Mems and funny pictures. Or anything else that you downloaded from the Internet. If you want to communicate without your real photos, so that they appreciate your inner world, please choose another site for entertainment.

Mail order bride success rate

According to statistics, more than 80% of dating website users within a few months find a bride with whom they fall in love. This is an amazing number that tells us that it really works. Every year the number of users and happy couples is growing.

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As specialists in dating who know a lot about how to find a bride online, we constantly collect information and statistics on the development of this topic and we see dynamic growth every year. If you register now, you will find freedom of love within a few months or, if you are lucky, even after a few weeks.

Mail order bride that actually works

There are a large number of dating and mail order bride websites, but not all of them are good. If you follow all the recommendations, but still cannot meet anyone, you should probably choose a different site. Follow our ratings with the best services and visit the mail order bride catalog that will lead you to a happy marriage.

Can a man buy a bride online?

If you`re looking for a UK mail order bride or a girl from some other country, you probably want to know if it`s all legal and how to achieve the goal. Let`s work it all out.

Because of many reasons, myths, and rumors, people tend to misunderstand what the term “mail order wife” really means. Let`s dispel some myths and alleviate all your concerns. You don`t really “buy a girl”. You just find a foreign bride online and date her just like you would offline. The process is very similar. You get acquainted and start getting to know each other better. Your online communication takes as long as you both need. Sometimes a few weeks, sometimes a few months. In rare cases, it may take up to a year or more.

Moreover, a majority of modern dating platforms do their best to make sure online brides and men looking for them feel safe and comfortable. First, they create a friendly and welcoming environment where no one feels like they “buy” or “sell” something. Second, they often require new members to submit their IDs to verify their profiles. Thus, if you worry about fake profiles, choose the platforms that check new accounts before publishing them.

Furthermore, there are special rules and laws you should be aware of before you find brides. For example, over a decade ago the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) was passed in the USA. It obligates strict obedience to certain rules through a spousal broker. Canadian authorities require men to submit an income tax document to regulate mail order brides` immigration, and so on.

So, in a word, no, you can`t buy a bride. You can find her online, date, and marry following all the local laws.


There is a great future for mail order brides websites. Already, such services have a huge audience, so you can easily find your future wife among thousands of photos of beautiful mail order brides. If it is so simple now, then in 10 years we will forget other ways to find our life partner. Try creating a profile on the site now and find out how quickly you find your person!

Madeline Marks is an expert in the mail order bride industry. She has been writing articles and giving advice to Western men for years, with over 50 successful matches!