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‌Czech women for marriage are young, hot, and beautiful. They`re fun lovers and at the same time, they`re mature and reliable partners. What are the other reasons to plunge into dating with one of those amazing beauties? Find out below.

What are Czech mail order brides like?

‌The points below are generalizations but they`ll still help you to understand Czechoslovakian brides better.

They`re a mixture of best traits

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe. It means they`re influenced by lots of neighboring European countries. So, on the one hand, the women have a lot in common with Eastern girls. They look like Ukrainians or Polish — feminine, slender, pretty. But, on the other hand, their character and mentality have more to do with Western people. Czechoslovakian mail order brides are independent, feminist, mature.‌

They`re not housewives

Czechoslovakian brides don`t believe that a woman`s main purpose in life is to successfully marry and raise children. Most Czech women of working age work, even after their baby birth they relatively quickly try to come back to work. They believe that self-growth and social life are as important. They magically balance work and family life though. No one can complain their homes aren`t tidy or fridges are empty.‌

Tips for dating a Czech mail order bride

‌When you finally a meet Czech girl, make sure you follow some recommendations.

  • Don`t expect her to be your princess. Your Czech Republic bride probably wear no or little makeup, her clothes will be comfortable. She won`t spend hours in the kitchen waiting for you to come home. But…
  • Expect her to be your equal partner. She won`t depend on you. You`ll be together for mutual love, support, and help.
  • Give her some space. Czechs are freedom-loving and open-minded. Czechoslovakian brides need some time to be alone.
  • Don`t indulge in many politeness phrases, fake smiles, etc. as Czech women are quite direct and frank.

Reasons to date mail order brides from Czechoslovakia

You`ll never regret it if you choose one of the Czech brides from Prague for dating. Here`s why:

  • They`re mature. The history of the country is full of turning points that influenced locals` minds greatly. For example, the collapse of communism made people strong and independent, and women became quite feminist. This is one of the characteristic that makes Czech mail order wives different from Eastern European girls. They`re much more ambitious and confident, and men love it.
  • They`re open-minded and forward-looking. Local women are open to adventures and new experiences. They don`t put limits and don`t set up borders. That`s why it`s absolutely okay for them to date men from overseas. They believe it`s a marvelous opportunity for cultural exchange and for learning something new. So you can relax and be sure—you`re going to feel absolutely comfortable with a Czech mail order bride.
  • They`re model-looking. The majority of local women are quite tall and fit. Legs are rather long, bodies are curvy. Their natural hair color is usually blonde, but girls like to dye it into a darker shade. Their eyes are often blue or gray, but you can also meet green and hazel. 
  • They`re full of self-love. As a rule, mail order Czech brides are confident in how they look. They don`t think they need to go to beauticians every month. They don`t wear makeup every day. Girls prefer comfortable but stylish clothes. By the way, they`re among the most stylish women in Europe. 
  • They`re respectful. Even being mature, independent, and feminist, women from the Czech Republic respect and even adore their men. However, you need to have certain qualities to deserve that. Women expect men to be reliable, self-assured, and supportive.

Dating Czechoslovakian mail order brides is a real pleasure for the majority of foreign men as they`re very similar. They easily get each other, communication isn`t a problem as well. If it`s what you need — give one of those hotties a chance.

Madeline Marks is an expert in the mail order bride industry. She has been writing articles and giving advice to Western men for years, with over 50 successful matches!